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Visiting Generations.

In: Family

Some sweet summer days ago, we spent an afternoon with my grandparents. Oh how I wish we lived closer – I’d go see them every day if I could. My grandmother is the best gardener ever. And my grandfather is the best trumpet player and best ever encyclopedia on old AirForce Aircraft. Mostly because he fixed them. And partly because he would live at the Robins Air Force Base Museum if he could. These photos are worth so much to me.

A moment worth freezing in time.

Who understands the joy of great grandfather more than a great granddaughter who can’t help but joy in his attention?

Another moment where generation gaps aren’t really gaps at all.

Because closeness (in love) is the best gap closer.

A smile of love that has been given to several generations of special little ones in my family.

And a smile of happiness in a little special girl that will now be passed on to several of her own generations.


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