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Tonight, we Remember that All Lives are Precious

In: A Quiet Spirit, Celebrating Our Little One

A new baby in my arms tonight doesn’t make me forget about the ones I lost.

Any more than a new baby in my arms would make me forget about the ones I didn’t.

Every life is precious.

Tonight, we delicately reserve this tiny space of the internet to remember these three of mine and many many more.

Thanks for leaning into this quiet space to remember with us. Knowing they aren’t forgotten – sharing their story with those who stop by this evening – gives many moms and aunts and grandmas a broken heartful of comfort.



I light a candle for my grandmother’s child, for both my sister’s children, for my friends who have all lost children. They are not forgotten. They are loved. – From a loving Aunt in SC





I started choking up as soon as I saw your post…I haven’t wanted to deal with these thoughts and feelings. I’ve avoided all of the posts about it being Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Awareness Day this week and month. I feel like my loss was so different and so misunderstood by the general public. Its one I don’t talk about because no one truly acknowledges what that baby was to me. In fact, they usually brush it off like it was no big deal when I explain that it was a tubal pregnancy. I was due in October 2008. Would have been my first born. Though the loss of that baby aches my heart still after 7 years, I have always kept it to myself. I never saw my baby in an ultrasound. I never heard a heartbeat or even saw that faint flutter on the screen. All I have is a pregnancy test…still positive 7 years later and the mountain of cards of condolences when we found out it was a tubal pregnancy. I ache what could have been, what never was, and questioned God’s goodness for so long. To this day, I still don’t understand why God allowed what He did, but when I look at the precious faces of my 4 healthy and beautiful children that followed after, I can’t help but thank Him. I thank Him for choosing me to be the mom of 5 sweet babies and for allowing me to hold 4 of them. I don’t know whether my baby was a boy or girl, but in my heart, its always been a boy with the name “Logan.”  – a mom with a big heart for a lot of babies in Ohio.



For the babies of all my friends. – from a special friend in IA



Remembering your dear little baby Kyle. <3 – From a sweet friend in Canada.


Here are the names of our sweet angel babies:
Asher due date May 8th 2013
Harper due date April 30th 2015
Rowan due date July 5th 2015
Bryn due date February 2nd, 2016
– from a sweet mom, Carissa



Today we remember my sweet little nieces and nephews who are in the arms of Christ today. I can’t wait to snuggle with you in Heaven! – from an aunt in SC”


Remembering on this day and always:
Colt Nathan Galyean – Born into Heaven on October 25, 1990
Talerie Paige Galyean – Born into Heaven on December 28, 1991
Olivia Grace Galyean – Went to Heaven 8 hours after birth on September 27, 1999.
– from a sweet mom, Rhonda, in WV



Achazia (Hebrew girl’s name for “the Lord held”) Haines; went to Heaven on February 25, 2013
Brighton (Hebrew boy’s name for “the one that is loved”) Haines; went to Heaven on March 21, 2014
I cling to the fact that earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal. – from both Dad and Mom, Scott and Becki



I miscarried my first child back in 1982. My husband & I were so sad even though we lost him or her early on. No matter how long you carry a little life, you fall in love immediately. The only thing worse than this is seeing your own child lose her baby.  As a mom, you want to fix everything. This was something I couldn’t do. We lived in different states and so the best way to see how my daughter was doing was through her blogs. I cried through everyone of them.  I did go up several times to help around the house and one of those times I got to see Kyle on an ultrasound. My grand daughters were so cute tickling mama’s belly to make him move. The hardest day was when we heard that he had passed away, which we knew may happen. We drove up to Greenville from Macon and waited for him to be delivered. I really wasn’t sure if I could hold him or not. As soon as I saw him I wanted to sit down and rock him. I’m glad I did. The day of the funeral was especially hard because I had been staying strong for my daughter. I got to the grave site before Kim and I lost it. My son put his arms around me and comforted me. I was able to get back in control before Kim got there.   It was a sweet service and all of Kim’s family was there.  They all traveled from Georgia to be there for her.
The good thing that came out of our heartache was the influence Kim had on others through her blog. She has been such a blessing to so many & our grandson was loved by so many. His little short life touched so many. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am Kimberly Rackley’s mom. – Kyle’s grandma in GA





Thank you for participating.

Love, Kim


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  • Rhonda Galyean

    October 15, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Dear Kim’s Mom –

    Your post captured feelings I never really thought about. My Mom and Dad probably felt the same way through my losses. Thank you for sharing. Although we have never met, I know you must be a wonderful person, because of how great your daughter turned out! <3

    – Rhonda Galyean


  • Amy

    October 15, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    thank you for this beautiful tribute to all those special little ones in heaven. I recently had one of my own born into heaven. What a special place heaven must be!


  • Kim

    October 15, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    I agree – I’m sure it will be.


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