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The Fairy Garden Party (budget style!)

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Tinkerbell party, fairy party

Oh boy, was this party a beautiful day full of fairy wings, glitter pixie dust, and…..zoo animals.

Thanks to a new blog friend, Erin, I had several ideas to choose from for this party.  And thanks to our local zoo, I had all the entertainment I needed to keep the 3 and 4 year old fairies occupied!  But because not every one has access to the awesome zoo – here’s the party photos to keep everyone inspired.


So, I didn’t use my frappacino glasses for drinks this time. Just as vases for my dollar store silk flowers.


I didn’t have time to get helium in my balloons. So, a needle and some ($1.50) ribbon sewn through the tied part of the ($0.97/package) balloons made the perfect festive birthday garlands. Dollar store tablecloths that I layered for extra color effects and tied up in corners with ($2.50) rolls of tulle added to the girly magic.

Now, for the FOOOOOOOD! 🙂


These were chocolate chips, a little extra frosting from the cake, vanilla wafers, and hershey kisses.


These honey bees were downright awesome. Here’s the recipe I used.


Some cherry tomatoes cut in half and a couple of cheese sticks were all I needed to make these cute little edible mushrooms.


Hee hee. Funny story. The “caterpillar-snake-fruit-wands” were quite the adventure for my mom, my sister, and I. When I couldn’t find good looking watermelon to make the stars I wanted, we improvised with strawberries. Thinking, “caterpillars would be adorable!” They kinda ended up looking like snakes though. This is what they were supposed to be.


So kids’ parties are full of sugar as it is. So for my punch, I do 100% juice, in a “matching” color to my theme, and water it down with club soda. And give it a cool name. Like Pixie Punch.


These were the adult’s favorites for sure. This is the recipe I used for these.


Hee hee hee. 🙂


We had peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches and cheese sandwiches  – the birthday fairy’s favorites!

And now, time for the fairies to join us after their little walk through the zoo.


Boy were they excited!


The first stop was the Fairy dress-up station where the party goers got their wings and pixie dust.


This is where the magic happened for my little birthday fairy. She loved watching her little friends transform into magical fairy creatures.


Including herself!



Next the girls picked out their party food and enjoyed their lunch together.

Then the cake….


The tree trunk and tree top were rice crispy treats  molded into the correct shape, and covered in marshmallow fondant. The fairies are attached with simple floral stem wire I got at Hobby Lobby.



She’s not the best candle flame blower-outer. (I mean, really! This was only her fourth chance to practice!) So she got one candle. Big sis still had to help a little, much to the birthday fairy’s chagrin.


“No, Col-we. I’M gonna blow out the candle!” 🙂


“Now, I’m a princess fairy!” (but not until after having wings, a necklace, a tiara, and a red flower in her hair…)


— Special thanks to my lovely fairy queen mother and fairy sister for helping make this party such a super success. 🙂



  • Jan Evett

    April 2, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    I love seeing all the joy, love, happiness and magic fairy dust in this post! Love, love, love it!! Happy Birthday, Fairy Princess!!


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