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Date night – live blogging | Day 20

In: 31 days of October, Family

So I’m 36 days new to the area – but my mom’s here for the week – so we are going on a date night.

And I thought for tonight’s post, I’d live blog it.

Partly because I’m currently sitting on a train taking me from my twin in the outer city limits 40 minutes into the center city area. And people do stuff on their phones on these trains. A girl’s gotta fit in when she can.

So here we go…


So we stop at his work. Like just to see the lobby.


Then we walk outside. Hello philly nighttime. It’s seriously inspiring.


So we walk to find a restaurant – like something not too pricey. Soup and sandwiches would be good. This place wasn’t it. Too bad. I’m all about good food. But the $95 dry aged ribeye wasn’t on my radar tonight. The tables outside were almost worth the $95 ribeye though.


We walked a bit further. Then found this British place.


And now I’m eating this.




Fish and chips for the man of the house. And I’m settling in nice and cozy like with a vegetarian spinach and mushroom cobbler dish that just seems to be heavenly. With the slightest hints of nutmeg, of course it is.

Being the crazy energy-filled-on-Monday-night people that we are, we seem to have found our favorite date night spot….I’ll update if it really in fact is…

Oh wait!

I think it is!!


This is where we party.

These are the books that make me slap my grandma.


I settled on a favorite for awhile.
Then I always leave it behind for another crazy food loving girl like me.


Then we walk back and I see this. It made me laugh.


One more stop at the workplace. I can’t believe how awesome this place is – just the lobby itself is so cool
on so many levels.


And from here – it’s back on our train for the ride home. Thanks for joining in the fun!




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  • Greg Dietrich

    October 20, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Wait until you see that lobby at Christmas time! It is pretty incredible what they put together.


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