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Join me for Advent? {links to a simple Christmas}

In: A Quiet Spirit, Celebrating Our Little One

I remember not knowing what “advent” was a few years ago. I always knew the “true meaning of Christmas”. I didn’t need that. Besides – “isn’t it a Catholic thing?”

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Then I had a son. A son who was here only to teach me the truth about life in the dark of death. And when we lost him in December two years ago, I knew Christmas would never be the same. And it isn’t. We still have gifts for the girls. We have a tree. We get excited at the beautiful displays of reds and greens and lights and sparkles. We hope for snow on Christmas Eve. {We are even more hopeful this year. :)}


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But the month is just full of memories of the lasts. The last ultrasound. The last kick. The last maternity sweater I bought for a Christmas party…and had the intuition to not remove the tags. These thoughts would overwhelm me in a sea of sorry.


This advent thing keeps me from drowning. Because there’s another boy who came to earth. For the purpose of teaching us about life in the dark of His death. Did Mary know that He would live a different kind of life? A shortened one that was meant to reach far more than any one person usually reaches in a long one?


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Everything is whispering softly the truth – “Jesus is coming.” I want to be still and hear it. I want to be focused and see it. I don’t want to sink this Christmas. I want to stand straight and tall and smile.

Join me. Every night around 7 PM Philly time. Make it big or small. Make an advent spiral out of simple things, flour, water, salt, or just light a candle by your computer. Sit by the fire, or the tree, or that candle – light.  Think about the Light of the world and let it brighten and slow and lift your holiday to something higher and more peaceful and full of sparkle.
{ A few links to get your started }

>> DIY for making your own salt dough spiral – We do this in about an hour – or 20 Christmas carols. <<
>> Advent book for you – my favorite study for Christmas << and for you, for today, a special deal? Only $8.39 if you use code HOLIDAY30?
>> Free reading plan for the Jesus Storybook Bible for littles. >>
>> The book we are using for advent this year for our whole family. Big pictures. Big truths. Only $10.49 in you use code HOLIDAY30!>>



  • Rachel

    December 1, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Oh Kimberly, I didn’t know it was December when you lost your boy! I’ll be praying for you through this season. I don’t do advent with our kids yet. Maybe someday some year I won’t feel so overwhelmed by the season that we can slow down and do this too! I’ll be following your posts with interest.


  • Kim

    December 2, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Rachel – thanks so much for your prayers. It’s the only way I can make it through Christmas and the anniversary of Kyle’s death and birth. I’m so glad to have you peeking in and walking along with us. I’ll say a prayer for you – and your busy days and nights – right now. May the peace of the One who *has* come break through all of that necessary and leave some of that peace in your heart. <3 ((hugs))


  • coloradoavocado

    December 1, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    I was just looking up what advent is. Thank you for the inspiration and we will be joining you tonight here in Colorado!


  • Kim

    December 2, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Yay girl! I’m so happy you’re jumping in. It’s such a special thing! I hope it’s a lovely night for you and your family. I bet it’s a beautiful place to light a candle and look out windows in Colorado. 🙂


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