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Walks to the Mailbox | Day 9

In: 31 days of October

We found a mailbox today. Because Chloe has a birthday coming up. And she made a new friend this week. So, we had to send her an invitation. Naturally.

(First time I’ve ever done a bday party with no-named-invitations. She’s been carrying around ten unnamed invites all week passing them out to whomever she meets. And whomever she thinks would be good for her party. And no offense if you’re reading this, in Philadelphia, and you didn’t get one. It’s not because she thinks you would *not* be good for the party. It’s because she forgot about her party for that moment she saw you. Lots on her mind these days. Like turning eight.)

Our houses don’t have mailboxes. So we took a walk today to find one.

















This post is part of a 31 day series called Fall in Philadelphia. If this is your first stop along the way, I am so glad you’re here and I hope today’s post brought you a little warmth and coziness. This journey is best taken from the very beginning as each day’s posts are pretty much *live* as I’m living a journey of leaving the deep South (my entire life!) and jumping into the big city. All of the blog posts in this series will be linked together on the Fall in Philadelphia landing page. Click here to be taken there.  Thanks for stopping by!


Fall in Philadelphia



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