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Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

In: Money Makers

I couldn’t post this until now, but after having been given permission from the home office, I am pleased to announce a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser with the Pampered Chef for the American Cancer Society! 🙂  The Pampered Chef has several pink products they are selling to help raise money for early detection and education of breast cancer.  You can order from me if you’d like – just leave a quick comment in the comment section, and I’ll email you more information (like the website where you can order, prices, etc.). 

Also 25% of all the orders goes directly to the American Cancer Society!

I’m super excited about this as there have been several people in my life affected by breast cancer.  One of my good friends’ mother is a two-times breast cancer survivor, and I’m thrilled to be able to raise money for this wonderful association that helped her out so much!

There’s also an amazing recruiting promotion going on right now that I’d love to tell you about as well. . . like to the tune of LOTS of free stuff. . .  🙂



  • Stacy

    May 1, 2008 at 12:34 am

    I sent an email. I am new to gmail, so I don’t know if it sent correctly. I hope you got it.


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