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Easy way to clear some clutter and get some cash!

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Everyone’s trying to make a little extra cash these days – here’s a site I LOVE and use often whenever I need some extra “date” money!  This site, which pays you for your used books, is extremely easy to navigate. It lets you type in your book’s ISBN number then gives you a price quote right away.  On top of that, they even pay for you to ship your books to them!  They also pay really quickly.  They can pay you with a check, or send your money to your paypal account.  I’ve always had the $$ sent to Paypal and I’ve gotten it within 1-2 days of their receiving my books (although they guarantee sending you the money within 3 days). 

They even take old textbooks, so go ahead and clear out some of that clutter from last year!  Little Chloe’s not in school yet, so I don’t have books of hers to sell, but I do have some from college that have been taking up room on our precious few bookshelves, so I’m clearing them out for a new box of books.  Besides, although I thought differently in college, I’m really not going to reread my Pschology 101 Book.  🙂



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