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And. . .the Wiggle Worm, Take 2

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As in the second time we tried video taping it. 🙂  She’s getting a lot better at pronouncing her words, but just in case you need a little deciphering. . . here they are. . . .

Have you seen a wiggle worm?

Smaller than a tiny germ!

He has got a great big appetite!

Though he isn’t very big,

He eats more than any pig!

Always looking for someone to bite.

Never wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,

Never giggle, giggle, giggle.

Better squash the wiggle worm, when you feel the urge to squirm.

In your church on Sunday,

In your school on Monday,

Fight off the wiggle worm!

I was in my Sunday seat, Sittin’ still and bein’ sweet.

When I saw him crawlin’ on my shoe!  I said, “Wiggle worm! Don’t bother me!  We’ll have a catastrophe!

Then I kicked him out of Sunday School!



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  • April

    April 7, 2009 at 11:14 am

    I liked that one better 😀 She seems to be doing really well with the sister. 2 beautiful little girls, you are so blessed!


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