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My cupcake decorating secret! (and a great deal on it!)

In: Kimz Kitchen, Money Savers

The cupcake tips I use for decorating are on sale on Amazon right now – not sure for how long – but I thought I’d mention it while it was at an all-time low price!

I use the really big tips when frosting my cupcakes – instead of spreading the frosting on with a knife or a spreader – that gives them the really nice “bakery” look – and it’s really fast and easy. It’s much faster than spreading with a knife!

This set comes with 8 decorating bags, 4 decorating tips, and and easy to follow instruction booklet.

And the price is only $4.85 – down from $8.99!

It likely won’t stay this low for long, so get in on it if you want while you can!


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