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Blessing Rolls!

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Thanks to one of my new favorite bloggers, How does she?, we had a lot of fun around the dinner table this Thanksgiving. I debated posting these, seeing as Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is barreling at us so quickly, but I think these are definitely appropriate for Christmas, Advent, and any other holidays you might be celebrating this December.

I made some yummy yeast rolls, but instead of my normal yeast roll recipe, I ventured a little and went for some buttery crescent rolls.  With a little surprise inside each one.

About a week before Thanksgiving, I had all of our guests send me a list of 5 things they were thankful for. Thanks to our Thankful Tree we did every day in November, I had quite a list for our little family.

A couple of things from our Thankful Tree list…


The dough made enough for 4 dozen rolls. I had to make them in four small circles…you can see one of them in the background.


Once I cut up my circles into little triangles, I was ready to start rolling in my thankful notes. However, when I do them again, I think I’ll modify the original instructions, and lay them lengthwise along the widest part of the triangle – instead of wrapping them all the way inside like they were. They were a little difficult for my little ones to pull out sometimes.



Everyone enjoyed playing the game – even my lovely Mother and Father in love. 🙂


Thanks to the South, we can play outside after dinner. Without jackets.


How could one not be thankful on a day like this?


Happy Holidays everyone!


Again, if you want the original recipe, check out the Delicious Dinner Rolls at How Does She?  Have fun with these! I think you could use them for a birthday dinner (what do we like about the birthday girl?), Christmas dinner (What are your favorite Christmas memories/stories/blessings, etc.?), Valentine’s Day (what do you love about your family?)….



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