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Celebrating Week 15!

In: Celebrating Our Little One

You are so very loved. Even now.


It’s party time! On Sunday, we’ll have officially entered the beginning of “no man’s land” – when our sweet little baby has been expected to no longer be alive. And, while we don’t know in total surety that it’s still alive, we have no reason to think it’s not.

(But if anyone wants to purchase an ultrasound machine for us, I’ll be sure to send you a real nice thank you note – if they’re on amazon, make sure you use my affiliate link. Ha ha!) 🙂

So we’re celebrating today. And pretty much every day we have the energy to. Because I believe that joy comes from a gift of grace – the gift of grace that gives us the ability to be thankful for something in whatever situation we’re in.

Because we’re – I’m – choosing to be thankful, still, even with our bleak prognosis, for every precious day we have.

Here’s a few photos of our celebrating from the last few days:

Chloe’s family album from school. You’re in my tummy there – with my tummy getting bigger and bigger and bigger….


The percentage the dr’s giving you for life. We’re hoping against those odds that he’s wrong.


Your first (documented!) picnic at the park! The girls couldn’t wait to show you their favorite slide. And Chloe just wants to teach you how to walk. Maybe she’ll get to one day.


A little bed rest company from the big sisters.


Our anniversary dinner – your dad and I have been married for 8 years. Yeah, I know. We’re old. 🙂



Movie night. The girls were watching a new movie – it got a little scary at one point and they wanted to “keep you safe”. 🙂






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